Friday, October 7, 2011

let's talk about pregnant mommy with DM

kencing manis.
or diabetes mellitus. (DM)

it really complicates pregnancy.
especially yang uncontrolled one.

this morning, i was assigned to the ONG clinic.

later on, a patient with DM type 2 went into doctor's room.
the doctor is really unhappy with her blood glucose test.
it was really an uncontrolled one.
i was shocked too after knowing the result.
it was really really high. 
i was like, what was she eating? doesn't she cared about her baby in her tummy?

since her glucose is high, doctor planed for admission of the patient.
doctor talks to her about that.
but she doesn't want to be admitted yet.
because there will be nobody to take care of her children.
her husband will be outstation for a while..

doctor explained all about the risks.
shutting down of kidneys, eyes will damaged which will lead to blindness, peripheral neuropathy, wound healing will take more times ect.
the baby might be macrosomia, diabetic, abnormalities of the baby ect.

BUT, she keen to not be admitted just yet.

since doctor must respect what the patients want.
so, doctor let her, with few conditions la.

1) patient will be responsible if anything happened to her, or the baby.
2) in one week time, patient must come to the clinic again, and if her sugar level is still hay wire, high like daa she must be admitted to ward, no matter what the alasan is.

moral of the story :

patient will come with many different problems.
as a doctor, we must know how to tolerate lah.
must hear patient's problems too before make our decision.

however, we must counseled her lah about her condition.
why she needs to be admitted and ect.

if she still doesn't want to.
then, we must save our career too lah.
fill in a letter of " i will not be responsible if anything happened to the patient and baby".

ok, till then. TATA.


**::CIKNUURUL::** said...

agreed,.macam2 ragam orang kan?,.maklumla,keje yg menuntut perkhdmatan kite,.tp ape2 pon,itu adlah tanggungjawab,.mesti dilaksanakan dgn penuh hemah,.


WZulhilmi said...

kdg2 doktor pun byk dilemma jugak layan pesakit. ak tgk grey's anatomy pun byk gila cabaran dia. tp myabe yg tu ada tokok tambah sikit from real life.

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