Monday, October 10, 2011

same issues again.

regarding last post. just pandai pandai nak hidup if u want to baca my last post tuh ok? hehe

i want to state something la about that.

there are few things la u can do if u insist to squat on toilet bowl.

1) clean up the DIRTY u might made. just siram air sikit je. and taddaaa it will be clean. :D
2) squat at your own risk. u might fall because its high. yea, high.

since, isu hygiene arised here.
people squat because they don't want to share "skinship" which maybe happen on the bowl.
i am curious, do u guys who squat naik atas tuh with shoes on or shoes off?
i hope shoes off la. since HYGIENIC kan?

but if shoes are on.
please clean the DIRTY u made.

a tips from me. *wink*

i used to basuh sikit toilet bowl tempat kita duduk tuh before i used it.
memang i akan ambik tissue or something so that i can wipe my wet thigh afterward.

so comee on people.
there is solutions other than squatting on the bowl. 

k bye. :D


Jo Qusary said...

nope, that's not a good solution... the best solution would be is to do your business beside the toilet bowl... can squat and save the toilet bowl from being dirtied at the same time, ngahahahaha XD

Lisa N.Yusof said...

yaaa, forget the bowl. hehehe.

btw, came to think of it..
euww. it will be dirtier joe. hikhikk.:P

Jo Qusary said...

Lisa N.Yusof... don't worry, that's why we hire janitors... what will the world be like without janitors anyway, right?

Mila Ahmad said...

agaknya kat rumah buat mcm 2 jugak kowt!

Lisa N.Yusof said...

wise thinking.
too kind la u fikir kebajikan para janitors. *clapclap* wink.

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