Sunday, July 3, 2011

Recipe Review : Moist Choc Cuppies

For the sake of references and reminders.
I will post the link of moist chocolate cupcake that I made in the morning. :)

cupcake recipe. 

I did not add baking soda because there is no baking soda in my house! My comment about this recipe is the cupcakes were too sweet. 
Too sweet keep the doctors nearer you know!-an idiom created by niklisa just now.

Like really, I can feel my teeth enriched with so much sweetener right now. I must brush my teeth thoroughly tonight. But the moist moisture of cupcakes are the best! I love it so much. So, bear in mind, whenever I want to use this recipe again, please reduce the amount of sugar used. :)

As for frosting, I used recipe from this website.

I love it, since it is not too sweet. just nice. :) and I put 2 cup of powdered sugar as suggested. It turned up well. FYI, powdered sugar is also known as icing sugar. 

Some pictures of course. 

Sweet first.
Salty later.

To mereka yang tatau what is this, HAHA. This is ikan kering pari goreng. or ikan pari kering goreng. 
Either one. :)

What a perfect combination for more earlier admission to hospital due to artherosclerosis!

PS : My mother gave some cupcakes to my aunt who live nearby. And she asked for more. Owh, come on. You know what that mean. 


nuraru said...

jap..pic no 3 tu gmbr pe? ;p

**::CIKNUURUL::** said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,..looks nice!,..sedap neh, sket ye,.

Raji and Yeen said...

it looks nice..
yg last tu lgi nice lol

nizam said...

haha.. yang ayat lassst skali tu paling xbley blaaa..

ABU said...

ya nampak sngt msti sedap kan..

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