Monday, April 2, 2012

1 april 2012

1 APRIL 2012

atuk aku meninggalkan dunia ini.
kembalilah dia kepada sang pencipta.
semoga atuk ditempatkan di kalangan mereka yang soleh.

to be dealing with that kind of emotion, it was seriously veryyy hard. 
to be looking to my dearest grandfather, lying flat on the bed without any sound, was so heartbreaking.
i can't resist my tears from flowing out.
i just can't.

i was siting near to him at that time.
i kept reciting yaseen over and over again.
until one time, my dad (his son) ,
who was siting nearer to him, whispering 'allah, allah' to my grandfather's ear suddenly stop whispering.
he stood up.
and told everybody that my grandfather had passed away.

my father was crying at that time. he looked here and there.
just like children that lose his father in the supermarket. restless children.
he seem so loss at that time. 
and yes, he did really loss his father that time.

and i was in front of him at that time
and really, i felt like punching my self because what i did that time was just pat-ing his back,
telling him everything gonna be OK.

i should hugged him tho. 

if u asked me what i will missed the most about this great man?

my answer would be A LOT!

my grandfather was a very cheerful man. very cheerful.
if u ever had a chance to talk to him,
he will surely make u burst into laughter. 

my grandfather was a very hardworking man.
i still can remember when he was younger,
he used to have many cows and goats.
he took care of them all by himself! 

my grandfather was a very loving man.
i still can remember when he asked me be careful when driving.
he asked to drive slowly. i still remember that day.
at that time, i drove my car by myself to the 'majlis tunang' my cousin as my parents went to makkah for haj.

my grandfather was a very religious man.on earlier day, he used to went to the mosque by his bicycle.
every prayer, he will went to pray there. until one day, he was hit by a motorcycle.
so, he walked to the mosque. he still walked to the mosque!

and there's a lot more! 

and i still remember when i was offered to take MEDICINE at UiTM.
the first thing my dad did was called him to inform him and my late grandmother about the news.
he was sooo happy because somebody in the family will eventually become a doctor and can treat him if anything happened. i was so frustrated regarding this. i'm so sorry.
medicine had made u wait so long and still i'm just nothing. i'm still a medical student.
i'm so sorry.

ps : i'll surely miss his laughter sssoooo much.

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