Monday, September 19, 2011

new posting


as the title says, today was my first day of new posting.
and i wish for..

the best. really hope everything will run smoothly.
i hope i can be more sabar lah in the future cause i just realized i am not that sabar type of person. hurmm.
and also be a more considerate and sensitive person.
eceeehh. i hoopppppeee so laah.

today not much to say,
just attend two lectures and two clinical skill labs.
personally, i think the topic is jumping here and there a bit.
abnormal thing first, the physiology lectures are later. hurrm.
quite displease with the timetable arrangement.

but, have to accept.
tomorrow i have bedside teaching.
at last, i will meet the real patientss.
(2 months kot ruBAN, xjumpa patients sangat pon..)
maybe something interesting will happen tomorrow?who knowss kann? hee.

k lah bye.

oh ye, ada 2 BE lekat ni, silalah tekaaan. :)

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