Wednesday, August 11, 2010

various things

my uws sakurasan has arrived.
together with ebx slide film.
n jelly lens set. :)

i cant wait to play with them.
2 more weeks seem long.
aha, 2 weeks are long la samdol.

n i really hope, there are still tickets left for me to go back for raya.
ticket hunting jobs are really difficult.
moga dipermudahkan. 

n tomorrow, i got practical in the evening.
i guess im gonna play with skull.
the real one maybe? hehe
and a brain. :)
since now i am learning about CNS which consist of brain n spinal cord.

n owh, my class will start at 10am.
means, i can wake up a lil bit late.
im loving it. :)


Nizam27391 said...

i want to see your lomo!! pos ke my house sajer... xde ar kne tunggu 2 weeks.. :)

n i k l i s a said...

haha. sabar ye. next two week baru balik. :)
my dad cakap mcam camera mainan. hehehe.

nizam27391 said...

next two week?? lamanya... haha... aku tgok gambar kat website dier pon aku rasa macam kamera mainan jer..

n i k l i s a said...

eleh kau. baru nk cakap cam camera mainan.

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