Thursday, February 28, 2013

jealousy, i hate you so much

i should change a bit. not a bit. lot a think. i should change a lot.

main thing today is.
i should not be jealous to those who are not deserved to be jealous to.

err, do u get me?

there some people who of course, for sure are dear to him.
and i get jealous to them too.

i knowwwww. im being sooo super ridiculous here.
i think i have to change this stupid or nonsense act of mine.
or else, it will lead to something disastrous later on in the future.

let place myself in his situation.
i will definitely love these certain people who are very important and dear to me too.

owh god, jealousy kills.
kills me. kills him. kills our relationship. 
go away, jealousy. i hate you.

*so cheesy those word at the bottom me no likey lolz*

please don't make thing difficult.
please have more faith.
please be more matured
please don't make him choose things that shouldn't be chosen in the first place.
please please please.

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