Friday, March 30, 2012

happy birthday!

27th March 2012-Tuesday.

3 days ago. 
ada lah birthday member sorang ni.. 
so, aku macam buat suprise la konon. hikhik.


mula mula kasi kotak ni.

The Birthday Present la konon (?)

and taddaa!

I put BIRTHDAY CAKE dalam tuh.
which dia ingat hadiah. padan mukaa.

here it is! THE CAKE yang very simple.

chocolate cake aje. xde moist moist.. bajet not much laa.
but to redeem that, i hias dengan cucuk cucuk tuhh.
kasi lawa lawa sikit an. 

buat 9gag style. hikhikh. :D

comel tak?

Y U NO STAY YOUNG? <- ni memang celop habis lepas baca satu post kat 9gag.

and the TROLL FACE tuhh. :P

so, with that.

happy 21st birthday!
may your life filled with HIS blessing.

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