Thursday, January 2, 2014

Recap on 2013!

Lets do some recap! Yeahh. 😀😀

March 2013-

Time ni dah last posting fourth year iaitu medicine 😀 time ni kami di Hospital Putrajaya for Endocrine posting! Saya baru beli iphone time ni! 😜

April 2013

Dinner@LeMeridien after conference regarding asthma. Buffet sini terbaikk! Ahh bila la bleh makan free lagi. 

May 2013

First time participate in voting for my beloved country! Sukaa-- 

June 2013

First time malaysia jerebu terok! Kata budak medic yang konon nya health freak haruslah pakai mask ok bila mahu kuar beli makan di fazlina maju -- 

July 2013

Holiday di sabah! Ada gamba ni jee dalam hp-- unforgettable memory 😀😀

Tahlil arwah cik mar. Alfatihah. All of us missed u.

August 2013

Psy--raya raya raya-- gymm
Trip to hosp bahagia-- owh ye. Time ni dah masuk 5th year. First posting kita psychiatric! 

Dan selamat hari raya! 

Time raya makan bagai nak rak. Lalu timbul keinsafan maka kami bergym-- semangat betol bebudak final year medic ni. Zaman tak sedar diri lagi ni. 

Dan bulan ni i made another step in my life..

Sept 2013

the challenging yet fun ONG posting!

Oct 2013

Raya haji pulak 😀😀 one grateful ipta medical student -- i can celebrate raya in kampung halaman every time! 

And able to toast a last minute caught --suprise for my father! ❤️ 

And also have such a great time with my girlfriends at skytrex@bukit cerakah! 

Nov 2013

Is paeds month. 

My paeds kits

And we have to Travel a lot during this posting. 

To lppkn--

To ijn--

To teluk intan-- 

And to be arrived at teluk intan, it a must for us to have our makan makan session. 

So we ate --

Udang galah--


Dec 2013

In surgical posting now. And here it is-- some evidence-- 🔪🔪

Colorectal cancer on colonoscopy. What an aggresive ill looking growth. Hoping the best for this patient. 

And we (family of 6) went to penang for my cousin's engagement. 

So how i end my 2013-- it was me doing some modest sale at my online shop.

Do visit us! 

 FB : boldestsquarehijabs
 IG : @boldestsquarehijab


Now 2014 had arrived! 

Have to work extra hard for the fast approaching -- the upcoming pro exam.

I hope 2014 is a good year for me!

For my studies. My Career afterward. And also my life.

My resolution this year is to take life changing steps-- 


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