Sunday, May 13, 2012

21st birthday

13th May 2012-there goes my 21st birthday.

some people said, when u turn 21, u will get yourself a key of freedom.

and as for me, i still don't want it.
i still want to be with families, and friends. watching over me. telling me what to do.

so, the feeling of being 21 years old?

well, i did not feel any different to be honest.
hehe, its my 21 years celebrating my own birthday, what do u expect la?

just a little anxious of surprise i might had. :P

but really, i don't expect anything from my friends here because tomorrow is our final exam. 
i totally understand that. tee-hee! 
so really no hard feeling. :D

actually, i hide everything on FB long time before. and my birthday is included.
so sorry facebook friends. bukan niatku mahu bajet hot hide birthday. huhu.

however, there are still few peoples who remember my birthday.
its such a very great feeling to get to know that.

thank you to bunch of people yang do remember my birth date. 
and also to people yang do realize that today is my birthday in spite of your busy and hectic life.

so, this year. what i get is..

  • final exam the next day. :P *just kidding*
  • i get a birthday party for two at the lake. which is so nice and romantic.
  • while eating home made spaghetti with root beer float. really appreciate it! 
  • a very cute present.
  • two birthday songs sang to me.
  • hugs and kisses.
  • facebook, twitter, sms birthday wishes.

really appreciate them all. 

thanx you nice people. :)

ps : big exam tomorrow. 

birthday present :

aint that cute? :D k bye.

1 comment:

Nur Areefah said...

wowww..sweet sangat.
happy belated birthday btw :)

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