Sunday, February 7, 2010

please mend me.

i barely talk what u wanna hear.
i rarely do what u want me to do.
i m not in da mood when u have it.
im tall, while u r short.
im helpless when it comes to english, while u r master in dat languange n u said u r almost da weakest in it in ur fac.
im nobody, n u are a kolej jati's JPB *haha.
i dont like u but i like u.
n at da same time, i hate u but i love u.
i want to go out, n u r going out too.. but, never with me. =[
i call u when i miss u, while u miss me but u never call me. its hurt doe.
i went out with my girl friend cause im a girl. while u went out with ur girl friend n u r a boy. its hurt too.

yes, im emo.
its just me then.
me. me. n only me.


N-i-Z-a-M....27391 said...

-i always hear what u talk..
-i always accept whatever you do..
-i have my mood only when you have it..
-aish... yang tu trassa lbey lak.. tapi im kind of kurang tinggi la..not short..
-being able to know something is better than knowing nothing....
-jpb jer pon..bukan bnda besar...aku xgtau an aku jadi ajk multimedia..
-i like u but i dont like u...
-at the other time.. i love you and hate u..
-hehe.. yang tu xdirancang...
-xde kedit la syg...aku ptptn jer...
-oi... aku kuar ngan akak spupu aku r..btol kata akak spupu aku ko msti jeles...

-you emo..i gothic..
-not just u..i'm here too..
-you and and me..only you and me

aku nak ko dgar lagu you and me-lifehouse.. my beautiful song just for you..

n I K L I S A said...

thanx. =)

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