Thursday, April 30, 2009

tagged by zatie

start all ur answer with first letter of ur name.

What is your name : Lisa
A four letter word : lost
A boy's name : latip
A girl's name : linda
An occupation : lawyer
A colour : lilac
Something you'll wear : lingerie. haha. tadak idea! sowee
A food : lasagna
Something found in bathroom : lotion
A place : london
A reason for being late : lambat bgun
Something you'd shout : lebih dah tuh!
A movie title : Lady n da tramp
Something you drink : liquid. gagaga
A musical group : LItle Texas.
An animal : lembu
A street name : Lincoln St.
A type of car : Limousine
Title of a song : Love story

*dear frens. i tagged all of u!

bwat! bwat!


bloopieLOVES said...

tag ni awk awk dlm blog sy ke?
ptutnye jwpn sume kne stat ngn first letter of ur name.
sgt ssh woo sy pk jwpn.
come on,,go with ur answers back!

N E E q L I S A said...

da wat da...
susah nk mati.

bloopieLOVES said...

tawu xpe!
sy smpai google taw.
tgk la kril pn bg jwpn inisabun.

N E E q L I S A said...

same lar.. hehe.
jwpn mostly google.
yg drink uh, google pon xda.
so las2 sye wat liquid. urghh!
ssh bgt!

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